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Maybe it's wrong, but I get suspicious when a relatively non-trivial piece of code works flawlessly the first time. I think things like: maybe I wrote the test cases wrong. Or when I'm in uber geek mode, something more like: "Great, I just rolled a critical failure writing this code and now it's going to blow up at the worst possible moment." (Because in a RPG if you roll a critical failure building something, it looks perfect with every test you can throw at it and fails at the worst possible moment later. Or it explodes and kills you right then and there, but the great GM in the sky wouldn't be that soft on me.)

In any case, for every test I can throw at it, the VirtualAlloc() code is working perfectly and happily passing out one megabyte chunks without flaw. Very suspicious indeed. I bet I screwed up the multithreaded protection and it's going to screw up in subtle irreproducable ways later.
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The code is 100% perfect! I GUARANTEE IT! It will *never* fail. Great job.. You are the best programmer ever and the code you wrote.. pure genius. Few things in life will ever be so flawless. Enjoy it!

muahahahaha! =)

Michael Tanczos

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