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Gang Select, and Inventory

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I just finished the screen where the player sets up the game, here's what it looks like:

The gangsters are overlayed onto a randomly selected background image.

Also displayed are the bonuses for each gang type. I really wish I could afford to have 5+ different models created for each gang type. I also want to add a lot more gang types: Irish, Japanese, Cubans, Russian mafia...the list goes on and on...maybe I could make an expansion pack ;-)

Another thing I'm thinking a lot about is the inventory system/interactions between characters.

I'm trying to decide if I should consider money to be an inventory item, or a seperate entity...like health, wanted level, suspicion level, etc. that the player has to manage.

Maybe somebody with some RPG knowledge could shed some light on this, I've never been a RPG player so I'm not sure how these games handle this sort of thing...but the only requirement is I want the player to be able to trade items for money through a text based menu...not through a popup window.

Once I get more of the GUI portion of the conversation system/inventory system done, I'll post a screenshot so it will be easier to see what I mean.

The end goal is for the user to be able to query civilians about how many drugs of a certain type they want to buy, and the player will have to respond with a price that they want for the drugs. And the civilian will respond by either purchasing the drugs, or canceling the deal, and walking off.

Another thing the player will have to deal with is their "suspicion level". This is a product of the way the player is acting, their location, their current inventory item, their wanted level, and if they're visible by a police officer.

If the suspicion level is too high, then no civilian will buy drugs from the gangster. Hopefully this will encourage players to make illegal transactions in secluded locations, by asking the civilian to follow them.

Here's an image of some of the new car's I've got for the game...There will be are 16 unique car models, each with a few paint colors.
(Corvette, Escalade, Camry)

Anyways, back to work, hopefully I'll be able to find a graceful way to facilitate the transactions between gangster/civilian in the 1st person mode.

- Dan
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Recommended Comments

Wow, the game is looking awesome. Where's the name of the gang,
though? Can you designate your own gang name, or is it randomly chosen(North Side, South Side, Dark Side, etc.). As for the money
thing, money is itself a purposely quantifiable thing, though that won't keep you from making a monetary health meter. That brings up
another thing, is the money based on the criminal organization as a whole, or is dependent on each gang member? or is it indeed both,
wherein members return to their base and deposit cash into the mutual savings account of sorts?

Sorry for nitpicking, but I can only read Sir Sapo's Journal so much
before I get mind numbingly bored. Keep up the unbelievably good work, I really want to play the game now.

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Well the player sets up their name on a different screen, probably the options screen, not sure yet. Gangs are refered to by the bosses' name. Right now I just call the player "Player 1", and the other gang bosses have randomly generated names.

I wanted to have the name of the gang on there...but I thought it would be better to keep it as generic as possible. Plus there was some concern from my publisher when I put names beside the gang, they didn't want any references to real life gangs.

In order for a player to transfer items to->from a gangster, the gangster needs to be in their territory. If so then the player can drag/drop items into the gangster's inventory.

If the gangster is out selling drugs somewhere in the city they will need to return to their territory to restock on drugs and to deposit money so that it becomes usable for purchasing drugs/weapons/vehicles.

Equiping your gangsters with briefcases/cell phones/vehicles will greatly expedite this process.

The fact that gangsters will be traveling around the city, provides the opportunity for you to ambush other gangs and take their drugs/money. You'll also be able to hijack vans full of goods, and resell them, or you can rob armoured trucks making scheduled deliveries to banks :-D

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dgreen! Awsome as always man. Keep up the inspirational work bro!

Those renderings are really outstanding. Do you know what program your artist uses to render them?


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Stupid irrelivent(sp?) question:

Are you real licensed cars? That SUV looks a bit like an Escalade of sorts (and the muscke car that looks like an early 70s mustang)... or is your modeller making cross-breeds and imaginary cars?

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dave - not sure what program he uses, but I should find out...I really like the way it looks. I know he uses 3d studio max, it's probably some plug in for that. I'll ask him though.

laz - I gave him a list of real life cars to make, I'm not going to reference the real life names in any way though...I'll have fake made up names for the cars. I'll probably have to do the same thing with the gun names.

In counter-strike (source), they don't use the real names for the guns, which I thought was interesting. And games like GTA do what I'm going to do with the vehicle names.

Although my cars look a lot more like their real life counterparts, moreso than GTA, I hope this doesn't cause any problems.

- Dan

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I don't know anything about copyright laws or whatever would be covered by that, but you might want to check with your publisher about the likeness of the car ... just to make sure it won't cause problems. If you've already done so, my apologies, i'd just hate to see something like this get nailed because of some cars, heh.

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Yea you're right...that would suck :-( I'm really screwed if I can't use any of my new car models because of something like that.

My publisher did bring that up with my previous set of cars, which were basicly made from phototextures, these new ones are created from scratch.

It seems like I should be fine as long as I don't use their logos? And change the names around?

I just made a thread to get to the bottom of this, as it doesn't seem like there's any way for them to regulate when a 3d model is the "same" as a real car. Also as long as I don't use their logos, or names it doesn't seem like they can copyright the shape of a vehicle. Plus I'm curious how people on sites like turbosquid.com can create 3d models of vehicles, including logos, and sell them for $100s of dollars without a problem.


- Dan

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Out of curiosity, what is the average polycount and texture size on the vehicles?

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Each of the vehicles is about 1600 triangles in their highest LOD level, and they have a 512x512 texture associated with each of them.

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Guest Anonymous Poster


this game is better than gta.and can u get in cars.

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