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Apologies for the lack of pictures...

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Whilst I'd like to make this a bit more exciting than talking about in vague problems I don't think I should. I'm also doing no dev in my own time not having my machine up here at the moment so I can't talk about that or show pictures of it (obviously).

So if anyone has any suggestions of things to liven up this journal a bit go ahead and shoot them at me.

Anyway today I completed the last of the few small changes to the menu that needed doing to keep things consistent between screensizes. We then noticed that memory was leaking like a sieve within the menu which was odd as we weren't allocating any! Turns out the implementation on the model of phone we were using allocates whilst drawing and whilst it does lose the references to it the garbage collector is not run. Coming from a C++ background of generally being responsible for deallocating my own allocations it seems odd that the VM isn't periodically running the GC. Actually it does, just once the memory is full but not on all devices in the same family. Go figure. So the addition of some regular GC into the app has fixed that little problem.

Grrr at teh Java.

Made the AI steer the same as the players as well. Very swish.
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It's definately fun, just infuriating some of the time but thats programming really.

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