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So some people lately have been wondering where all the screenshots are =)

Somone who has been following the project since it surfaced on GDNet should have noticed that the majority of screenshots appeared during both the map design and scripting phase.

I would say 'almost' all of the areas in the game have been seen (in part) through the screenshots that have been previously released.

However, some maps have been tweaked since then.

Most of the 'Castle maps' have not been released as screenshots, they were not nearly as much fun to design or look at, as the lost region shots.

Thankfully Zac has taken mounds and mounds of screenshots from all over the game, so we have those on hand.

In the mean time, here is a current screenshot of The Ruined Atrium, (the game's 'crossroad'), as well as some inventory items.(in png to show beautiful 32 bit awesomeness)

somone who knows the maps well, would notice immediately that the entraceway is a bit more pronounced now, we did this to ease the transition between the maps and to clean up the look, instead of simply 'a hole in the wall'
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That's gorgeous. How are you doing the lighting? Palette molestation, or just a translucent sprite?

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hehe, actually we are using hardware accelerated modulation =)
coupled with 'light-ray' casting.

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