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Well, an eventful couple of weeks, infact...I've gone and made a list for you:

- Rivaled Fate V2 gets hacked due to a PHP security flaw
- Its forums get trolled by the GNAA (Google it)
- I get concussed and lose one tooth (I'll explain later on)
- I lose my best friend due to him being a complete and utter ass

So...yeah. Not great.

As for the concussion plus rock thing, if I were to make it into a mathematical equation it would be something like this:

Face + Rock = Concussion - 1 tooth.

How was I supposed to know that you weren't meant to slide on the wet rocks?
Anyway that's making me very irratable so hopefully it'll piss off soon.

Things may be looking up though, as this Sunday I'm going down to the Southbank of London to have a mini birthday party (22nd August is the actual date). I'll be starting by meeting up with an online mate from Glasgow (not a paedophile) then having a quick Parkour jam with him and some other peeps, after that I go eat lunch with my parents, then spend the rest of the afternoon in Namco Station xD.

Programming news: starting to get back into it, realising how much of a good head start it would be for me to get into a course etc. etc.

Check back soon, from the one and only Kudu =)
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rofl, if I could get someone to do one...yeah I'd gladly have one. But for the time being it's not exactly important.

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