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The Lost Region

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Morning's Wrath BETA || Main Website || EDI Dev Journal
Well, I spent dang near the entire day beta testing this sucker to pieces. Found a lot of irrelivent bugs/cracks that have already been noted (I joined the BETA crew not to long ago), but other then that I had a blast goofing around trying to break it (which I happened to do.. Many, Many times.. lol). I just got a new copy of the beta that fixed a lot of the things that I was tripping over, so all around its been a great experience.

On a personal level, even though Im testing this game and Im crashing to the desktop all the time, I am having a blast figuring out the puzzles that are in the game, and just going on wild rampages killing the evil that lures. Check out the wild rampage I went on today... They would not leave me alone, tisk... tisk...

This was in the Lost Regions Graveyard area.

Note the particle effect system! The green blobs + shock is the spell that I made from runes, which honestly, can get REALLY wild with the right combinations. I would show some more stuff off, but I can't seem to get fraps to work for me at the moment and I want to save some spice for you all! :D

There was a bigger reason for going all out like this asside from me just goofing around. TERRORIZING THE GAME! Which didn't work here, but It sure did in other places. =X

NOTE: Before you wonder. I asked EDI if I could slap something in the journal about my little experience.

return 0;
Well. I'm going to be heading out to the bowling alley for awhile and then back here to read up on some more things. Take it easy everyone!
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