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Open Your Golden Gates, George Franscisco!

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Points for those who know what movie that quote is from!

Straylight Update

Well, I've pretty much blown today on trying to model a mockup of the Golden Gate Bridge. According to the world fiction, this should be destroyed and San Francisco should be a partially submerged aquatic arcology... but what the hey...! I decided to again exploit Wings3d's new bend feature. This time, I wanted to see if I could recreate the bow the of span and the cabling. Months ago, I tried without this feature and found that trying to make curves from straight objects was murder!

It's technically not complete (I didn't finish end span details because I got bored). I also went nuts and used a few selection tricks to do all the cabling as well as the X-bar girders along part of the span itself. I think the cabling, which amounts to triangles, and the X-bars along the midspan would instead be done with textures. At 25,564 polys total (triangulated), those details are extremely costly-- but it might not matter if it was for a full level you could walk and drive across.
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I recognized that bridge the moment I saw the wireframe. Coolest. Structure. In. The. World.

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What's the selection trick you used? If I tried doing that I'd probably end up bridging each individual strut...

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@superpig: Hey, sorry this is so late, but one of the best tricks to use in Wings3d when your model gets complicated is the "Select Similar" option. The faces on the inset girders all share geometry that's roughly the same. The same is true for the cables. This trick saves you a lot of aggravation while manipulating something that has a lot of faces.

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