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Many changes to the design. Most good! :D

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Having returned refreshed and ready to hop into the project (I actually did a lot while home and opted to not let the project stress me out so much), I have spoken with my partner and we established some core properties. First and foremost, we gave the game a working title. There will be PvP in it, but we want there to be an anti-ganking system that will work somewhat like karma, so we decided to code-name the project Karma.

To throw in some fresh ideas, we also decided to make the races based off of animals instead of the standard Tolkien fantasy fare. The ones I know for a fact that Im having so far will be human (but not the typical ones, almost caveman-ish, a bit more primal at least), lizard, cat, bird, and fish. But with these new races, Ill have to establish relationships and cultures to an extent. I wont be able to assume my audience automatically knows how the lizards and cats will interact, like I could with dwarves and elves. That will take some extra time, but it will be worth it, I think.

Other than that, all is well and proceeding as planned. :D
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