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Webhosting and other updates

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Well, it looks like my webhosting is going to be cancelled (I was getting free hosting for a while. Then it went to ad-based hosting. Now, when I goto their website to get the adcode, their site says nothing about hosting at all.) So, I'm going to be upgrading to iPowWeb.

I made my first beautiful gif tonight. I'll upload it when I get my hosting switched over.

I'm finally going home tomorrow night (we're leaving at around 4 or 5pm. Only 19 hours after that and I'll be home.) I'll finally be able to work on code and play games with out it being 200 (read 90-100) degrees.

On a side note. DAMN! If you want to raise comments and views for your journal, just get people to wish someone a happy birthday. My views went up over 300 in 1 day. My comments went up by 39. And I got to we put my mom in a good great mood. Thanks guys!

Once I get home, I'll be posting about upcoming updates (like my DFT game library, my PHP SDK (site development kit), and my laptop.)
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