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A quick update

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Right, so I survived approximately 3 days without GDNet. Whomever said this place was like an addiction wasn't lying [oh]

Anyway, I don't have much time to read through the forums and answer questions - might try and get some time tomorrow for that.

I'm about to rip out ALL of my development tools now that I've got my hands on the MSDN Universal stuff (34 DVD's of MS software - could be anything upto 1/4 of a terrabyte). Visual Studio 2003 and the August SDK here I come [smile]...

well, maybe after a few hours of installing.

Once I've got that stuff sorted out, I might get back into my shader writing fun. Got somewhat annoyed at it earlier in the week - everything I'd written should work but didn't. I know it's my code that broken - just trying to work out which bit [rolleyes].

I'll be posting anything interesting here as usual.

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Yeah, I've read all the info on that sort of thing... which is part of the reason why I haven't updated my SDK since December [oh]!!

I'm just hoping that the changes to DirectXSetup in June provide a reasonable solution for my projects.

Cheers for the warning though!

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Holy shit, I don't mean to be disparaging or anything, but why in the name of God would you need even close to 1/4 of a terabyte of development tools? [wow] I mean, really.

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It's 1/4 of a terrabyte of *everything*... that includes all of the servers, OS's and a couple of redundant copies of the whole MSDN library - not just developer tools! [grin]


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