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Wake me up when we're done.

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I had a whole night of programming ahead of me. I had just got off of work, My girlfriend had to work a late night and, buh gawd, I was streamin' with ideas. First I had to spend a little time on a friend's project which he's payin' me for and then I was home free. Nice quiet apartment, no distractions. Perfect night for a coder like myself. You know what I'm talkin' about.

Of course, to further seperate myself from the world, I had my headphones on, listening to a plethora of rock music at random. Thanks, Winamp.

I was finished with my friend's project so I shut off the music and checked my phone. Three missed calls. All three were from a buddy of mine that is/was about to go through a divorce. I knew what this would be about. I retired my computer for the night and made the call. Sometimes you have to put friends before code.


Anyway, I was hefting major household appliances and my friends personal belongings until the wee hours of the night. No coding was done. Since my last entry, I did manage to integrate a few components into my application. They aren't quite talking with eachother yet, but they'll get comfortable with eachother before too long.

One last note, please say a prayer for the shuttle astronauts. They might be playing it off but I'm finding myself a little worried about the minor damage to the hull (at 15,000mph, there's no such thing as minor).

- Jay
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