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So I've learned a few things in the past few days.

First of all, the song "Penny Lane" is actually called "Penny Lane", and not "Elaine", as I had always thought. No wonder it was so difficult to find.


And second, John Lennon screws up the backing vocals at 2:56 on "Hey Jude" and says "Fucking hell" at 2:58 when he realises what he's done on a studio take.

It's there for everyone to hear. It's pretty damn funny, but make sure you've got the original 7:08 take, and not the cut-down Americanized 4:21 single version.
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I can hear someone saying something in the background, but I can't make out "Fucking Hell." Maybe my ears just aren't sharp enough.

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Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes!
Do do do do do do do do do do
There beneath the blue suburban skies I sit and meanwhile back...

Such a great song. Pen Elaine would be a good one too.

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