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I added helicopters into the game, which will probably be the last unit I make before starting to work on a full campaign mode. I've also found an annoying bug which I didn't notice tell now. Apparently, when a unit moves behind cover, and than moves out of cover, it still appears that the unit has cover. I need to check over my code, because I destinctly remember coding something to prevent this from happening.

Anyway, hopefully I can find the what is going on and fix it by tomorrow. I'm hoping to have a demo soon, but am trying to make an entertaining demo. So, it will be a little more of a wait.
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Just out of curiosity, how many hours a day do you spend actually writing code for this game?

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It depends on the day. Today I only spent about 10 minutes writing code. When I origionally started on the game, I probably did about 2 hours of coding on it each day.

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