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Sphere Games Engine!

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Early this year I started working on a game engine on my spare time (yes, a game and and engine at the same time... *gasp*), however I mostly concentrated on the technology for now and have not worried much about game design, now that most of the pipelines are in place, I will start designing a game, but I will continue working on the engine all the way through.

The engine is pretty cool, it has a really fast renderer that I have yet to bog down with tons of assets, currently I only have one shader pair for normal mapped objects, so I'll need to write a few more, do some reflective stuff, some cool transparent stuff, and I need to implement a good lighting solution.

The engine uses LUA for scripting and I have a very nice implementation that makes it easy to expose functionality to script. I also use LUA for configuration files, for example, when I export models from 3D Studio Max, I have a set of material files that you can choose, these material files dictate the shader pair to use and other relevant material information.

I could go on and talk about it for a long time, so I'll just let screenshots and videos do the talking for me:

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