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Version 0.8.2 released

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Sir Sapo


Hello everyone,

Angels 20 Version 0.8.2

Well, there it is for you guys to download, although it isn't quite what I had in mind for my next update. I was hoping my next update would include all of the neat stuff I've been talking about in my journal, such as a good smoke system, better AI, etc. But when I sent Mark an updated version, he said that it was getting really easy to play. So I decided to give you guys this newer version to tell us what you think about the additions to it, and mainly the difficutly level.

Well, I really didn't do anything today, because I was working until midnight, and I have to do it again tomorrow as well. Well, sitting around for 9 hours got me thinking about what I'd like to do after Angels 20, and a lot of stuff ran through my head, but one idea really stuck. Now I'm not saying this is going to be my next main project, but I think I'm going to attempt it in my spare time. The whole concept is pretty much a sandbox of gameplay you can mess around with. I want to make a 2D heightfield terrain model that will allow me to make huge polygonal maps composed of hills, mountains, valleys, plains, etc. I want these environments to be huge (10 times the size of an A20 map), and possibly procedurally generated, although I will probably make a terrain editor. The gameplay behind the project will be a physics based engine. I want the player to start out on foot, but be able to get in a whole assortment of vehicles, and drive/fly around. I'm talking stuff like: You spawn, hop in a dune buggy, go driving, launch off of a ramp, jump out of the car, parachute down a ravine to get to a helicopter, which you jump in, fly out of the ravine, land, hop in a tank, go around shooting stuff, etc. The game would pretty much be a screw around and see what you can do type 'game'. I think this would be pretty cool, how about you guys? Let me know.

Anyways, no screens today, but I will leave you guys with a list of known bugs in this version of A20.

Bug List:
-Sometimes you can't beat the mission, even after blowing everything up
-Wierd Text Problems
-I could have sworn there were more than 2 of these....

Well, I'll talk to you guys later.
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Yeah, what do you guys think of the game now? It's getting more fun all the time for me. Dive bombing using the map is awesome. Try the laser designator (I actually forgot to activate it when I played).

The menu I'm working on will be pretty awesome when I'm done, and I hope to put it in the next update.

In closing play Angels 20
-Thanks, Mark the Artist

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