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Right, so I really should NOT have done what I said I was going to do in my last entry...

I uninstalled everything, then reinstalled it all - no problems there, well, not initially.

Then I have the fun of trying to compile my existing codebase. Oh, was that a shock [wow].

Basically all of the include/lib paths were screwed, and then there were about a million more warnings/deprecation messages.

I find the classic problem that DirectShow is no longer in the DXSDK, but in the PSDK instead. So I head over to try and recompile my base classes. Problem is the BaseClasses.dsw project file is no longer there, just some random makefile. Finally get that running through the environment command windows. Yay.

So now the compiler at least finds all the files it's after. Next step is to get it to successfully compile...

Seems that the DShow base classes duplicate a whole lot of symbols, and one of the header files is introducing some random LNK2001's just for a laugh.

All my problems are revolving around DirectShow at the moment. I'm very tempted to rip it out and use something else like VFW... It wasn't as if the current DShow implementation worked properly anyway [rolleyes]

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Hey! What are you doing here? Are you telling me that I spent all that time crying for nothing?

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