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I've been outdone

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Being a vile person, it always bugs me when somebody makes a game similar to mine, but they do it better. After all, I started my career looking over halfassed shareware games and writing better versions, and I hate being one-upped.

The one this time is Professor Fizzwizzle, and it's a terrific little progressive puzzle game.

And, I've gotta admit, it fires on all cylinders. Great graphics music and UI. Only weirdness is some kind of "stick pictures to the refrigerator" metagame that I don't quite understand.

Anyway, check it out. It'll grab you and force you to register it as it did with me.
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Yep. That game totally rocks. I couldn't break myself down enough to buy it though. ;(

Oh well.

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Fizzwizzle is darn good, and does everything "right". Not quite a Fashion Cents, but very cool.

The graphics were seamless and beautiful. Of course, that's because the dude has an artist as a partner.

It is obvious a LOT of thought went into that game, but it is still basically "Lode Runner".

I think the gallery was a sort of a milestone system, like the passwords every four levels in bulldozer. I agree that it doesn't really work, and just leaves me scratching my head. Of course, since this is an all-ages game, I think the gallery thing is there for the kids.

I would give Fizzwizzle the "PlayDeez Games Stamp of Approval", except that no such stamp exists, and nobody would care even if it did.

And the manner in which he is trying to sell his game looks like a page ripped out of the Steve Pavlina School Of Selling Shareware.

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Some of those levels are ppositively EVIL!!!!

My daughter really enjoys the alphabet levels, though.


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