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Brief Water Update

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I'm on my way out the door, but wanted to add some updates about the water.

First, a screenshot of my latest level. I love the bridge model, which I bought off with some other high-quality, very reasonably priced artwork.

Here is another shot, showing off the water receiving sunlight shadows from the pillar :

Last time I left off with EMBM water, to get per-pixel perturbations. These look better than per-vertex, but how good they look really depends on the texture you use.

First I tried using 'refraction' or 'water' filters in various 2d art tools to generate something, but that doesn't look good, because you want just a normal map from a heightfield, not a pre-refracted texture.

I found that a simple multi-octave noise texture did the job. Here is what I'm using for the waves right now.

First, the water itself, tiled across the mesh :

Next, the height map used to generate the normal map below :

Finally, the refraction bump map itself - stretched up perpendicular to the water flow direction, to make it look like transverse waves :

Lastly, here is a cool shot with very clear water. This looks nice, but for more realism, you want to 'fog' what's under the water. I'll talk about that next time.

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Recommended Comments

Looking good as usual [grin]

I've not been able to spend much time online lately, but the odd chance I've had I've made sure I caught up with your latest journal posts [smile]

I'm going away for the next 4 days, hopefully there'll be plenty more interesting things to read about when I get back [wink]


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Wow, that looks REALLY REALLY REALLY good.

Btw, is the flow animated in any way? Like, will the normal map slowly move down stream?

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Yes, it is. Looks good too!

In the next few months, we will post some movies of it in motion.

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I'll play your game just for the chance of seing that water in action :)

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