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EnumResolutions (Windows)

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[edit:] updated source 8/8-05

So friendly EDI from Etheral Darkness Interactive (a.k.a. Edi Did It) asked me if I could make an enumerator for resolutions, since on my little lappy I get repeated resolutions (like 4 "different" 800x600 where two is 16bpp and two is 32bpp) and we were both curious on why since repeated resolutions are filtered.

After playing around with CreateFile/WriteFile for an hour, I gave up and returned to good old std::ofstream for outputing the data. And after another hour I gave up on trying to find out why I have two 16bpp and two 32bpp - and no they don't have different refresh rates, the refresh rate and display flags are the same for those. This data wouldn't be used anyway...

So basicly, I had these requirements:

  • Find the resolutions, in the form: Width, Height, Bits per pixel.

  • Sort them in a user expected way.

To solve the first requirement I used EnumDisplaySettings as EDI had suggested.
To solve the second requirement I used a std::set of resolution structs, providing my own compare by overloading operator <. Note: I chose not to make it a member so i could construct it using a initialization list. Saves number of keys I have to press to write the code and makes the struct a simple variable holder :P

Well I did it, might as well share =)
Sharing is love


struct Resolution
int width, height, bpp;

std::ostream& operator << ( std::ostream& out, const Resolution& res )
const char tab = 'x';
out << res.width << tab << res.height << tab << res.bpp;
return out;

bool operator < ( const Resolution& lhs, const Resolution& rhs )
if( lhs.width < rhs.width )
return true;
if( lhs.width == rhs.width )
return lhs.bpp < rhs.bpp;

return false;

typedef std::set ResolutionHolder;

ResolutionHolder FindResolutions()
DEVMODE devmode;
devmode.dmSize = sizeof(DEVMODE);
devmode.dmDriverExtra = 0;
DWORD modeNum = 0;

ResolutionHolder result;

while( EnumDisplaySettings( NULL, modeNum++, &devmode ) != 0 )
Resolution res = { devmode.dmPelsWidth, devmode.dmPelsHeight, devmode.dmBitsPerPel };
result.insert( res );

return result;

int APIENTRY WinMain(HINSTANCE /*hInstance*/,
HINSTANCE /*hPrevInstance*/,
LPTSTR /*lpCmdLine*/,
int /*nCmdShow*/)
ResolutionHolder resolutions = FindResolutions();
/* Here you have 'resolutions' full of sorted resolutions! =D */

// output for your pleasure
std::ofstream file("resolutions.txt");
const char* tab = " ";
file << "Width" << tab << "Height" << tab << "BPP" << std::endl;
std::copy( resolutions.begin(), resolutions.end(), std::ostream_iterator(file, "\n") );

return 0;

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Recommended Comments


Did you check if the duplicates reference the same device? Im suspecting that they don't. Just a hunch.

Actually no, I saw this in MSDN so:


[in] Pointer to a null-terminated string that specifies the display device about whose graphics mode the function will obtain information.
This parameter is either NULL or a DISPLAY_DEVICE.DeviceName returned from EnumDisplayDevices. A NULL value specifies the current display device on the computer on which the calling thread is running.

So I thought, NULL will give me the current display device which was exactly what I wanted. But then again, I didn't check if this was somehow incorrect because it would explain why I have multiple resolutions!


oh, btw, you do realize that you print:

Width Width BPP

as file header :p

Yes, it's a feature!

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