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8x8 tiles make me wet myself

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Well I've been really busy at work, but I managed to get sprites and tile backgrounds working.

(All the program does is load the sprites and tiles to VRAM. Mario does not actually move)

Not all the features have been implemented. For example the coin sprite in the top part of the screen should be scaled down.

Still haven't been able to run anybody elses programs. [headshake]
I've been doing some run-time disassembling and it seems like most of the opcode functions are TOTALLY SCREWED! For example "mov r7,r3" which should move the value of register 3 into register 7 instead loads register 0 with totally random values and I have no idea why [crying]
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shouldn't mov r7,r3 copy the contents of r7 into r3 and not the other way around?

you should check for uninitialized variables.

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no mov is "MOV Rd,Op2 where Rd:=Op2" so it's r7=r3. I know, all these different arrangements in assembly is confusing.

By "uninitialized variables" do you mean un-allocated pointers? The only pointers I use are for textures and vram which I've made sure are set since it dies horribly if not, and GBA memory which is allocated when the ROM is loaded.

I'll put a range check in for Op2 to make sure it's not above 15 when accessing registers or it might be someting wrong with the shifter(GBA shifting is weird).

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I like how you have the Super Nintendo version of Mario in the Nintendo version of his world.

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