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The chapter on transactions seemed short. I guess that they just sound complicated. More likely they will get back to it later, and this is juat an introduction to them. Other sites have given the book some bad reviews, but I don't really care. Most of them were just talking about code errors. Newflash people, technical books have errors! Thats why they have errata on some website, the good ones do. Take it for what it is and learn from it. It's not intended to make you a master at everything ever in ADO.NET. I'm sure it would have to be 3 times thicker and would make actually just learning about it much much harder. If I like what I find in ADO.NET with this book, I might pick up the hard cover MS-Press book on the subject, named just "ADO.NET". Can't trust reviews on most places that only give the reviewer one paragraph to describe it.

I'm also excited about my plan to finally take my MS certs this winter.

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