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I'm bored and can't sleep

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Really, I should be working. No dearth of things to do. Instead, I keep trolling the lounge, insulting various staff members!

It's so much fun to pick on Seyi though, how can I pass it up?!!?

I hate it when it's my day to clean the kitchen- which it almost NEVER is because Dave takes such good care of me. One dish on the counter, and it becomes an insurmountable task! LOL! Add kids into the mix, and it's really bad.

I feel pretty secure that no one really ever checks my journal, so I'll probably ramble on here for a bit. If you ARE by chance checking, I promise you I have nothing interesting to say. I've taken some pain medicine for my hip and I will just type aimlessly for a few paragraphs!

I did have a chance to go to SIGGRAPH last week. I was only there for a day, but was amazed by some of the cool stuff I saw. My favorite was the "copier" that makes detailed plastic molds from whatever you place on the glass. That was loads of fun to watch.

Other than that, we wandered round downtown a bit and ate good food. The best part was escaping the house for a bit!

All right, I've bored myself with this. Now I really have to load the dishwasher, or activate GDNet+ memberships or follow up on email or something.

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It's so much fun to pick on Seyi though, how can I pass it up?!!?

No kidding, you picked up on Oluseyi and you're still alive???!

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I feel pretty secure taht no one really ever checks my journal

False sense of security.
Also, you spelled "that" wrong [grin]

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No, but I hardly ever check my journal!!! I suppose I should check and see if you have one- then I could update myself on your life!

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