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The GUI is Finally Done

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I've spent the last two weeks of my time with Torque doing nothing except tweaking the GUI that I plan to use for my upcoming projects, and tonight I can finally say that I'm done with the damn thing. I created every image completely from scratch, which I'm still proud of, then tweaked and re-drew every texture about three or four times, then tweaked and re-wrote some of the GUI scripts and the inner GUI core code. And it's done.

I would've had this done far sooner, but this weekend has been the first time in the last two-three weeks that I've really devoted to actually coding (I've occasionally opened up VS.NET and tooled around a bit with miscellaneous stuff), and it's been a lot of fun. I've cooked up some fantastic ideas for the game demo I'll be working on to show off all of the things that I plan on adding and changing within Torque, and although it won't be done anytime soon, I should be able to get some fairly impressive screenies up within the next month. No more details for the time being, but it should become apparent fairly soon (in a few weeks, as I have finals coming up) what I'll be aiming for.

And now some screenshots of the GUI. I still have a couple things that I want to change, namely the fact that the chat box's messages are always being displayed, so I want to throw in a bit of code to make the messages fade away over time, but other than that I'd say that the GUI is pretty damn-near finished, in all of it's very Steam-esque glory. I would like to stress that, although visually simmilar, absolutely nothing was copied from the Steam GUI. Not a single pixel, RGB value, or anything else. I did this entirely from my memory of what I liked and disliked about the GUI. Also, the grey color is mostly a placeholder. I'll probably colorize based on the mood of whatever I release. Who knows though. Or maybe I'll skin it with a ridiculously bright, colorful, and overly-large cat-based texture set. WHO KNOWS.

Anyway, here are some nice little screenies. Over the next week, I really want to get a weapon in-game and working, so that's probably what the next update will entail.

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