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Revise. Test. Revise. Test.

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So MW has had no shortage of bugs, but we expected this, it is impossible to imagine a game as large as MW without bugs.

Thankfully bug fixes have been fairly painless, and they seem to be growing less.

Here is the first draft of the proposed CD Art that will be on the physical version of MW:
(the text and the rest of the info on the disc needs work)

What do you think?
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I think it looks cool, but it seems like it's got too much empty space on the right. Maybe a collage of monsters that you face through the game? I don't know, just a suggestion [smile].

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I like it, but I agree that the right side looks a bit empty. Either a bit more writing or some extra graphics over there might be nice.

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I think it looks good, I don't think anything should be added I don't think you need to give more information about the game on the disc leave the images of the monsters for in game experience.

One thing I need to comment on is way do you keep changing the way you show the "Mornings Wrath" text. Thats the name of the game, thats what you want people to see over and over, and you want them to see it and be able to know what it is without even reading it. The problem I see is that you have it with blue lightning on your new prototype website, last time I played the game the start screen had it in gold, and now you have it in stone for the CD artwork.

This makes it seem like different people have been designing the seperate items, and makes it so that "Mornings Wrath" doesn't have a specific look and feel.

Look and feel is something that will have people coming back again and again becuase you just can't get the same look and feel in another game.

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The answer to this question is hard to explain.

I have personaly done all of the logo work for Morning's Wrath, the reason it fluxuates is because MW is a combination of at least two different themes.

I should first mention that the next on the CD is not finished, but is likely to be the same as the new website.

Theme1: Royalty, Peace

This theme is what you see on the game's title screen, and on the current website. It represents 'before the war'.

Theme2: Darkness, War, The Lost Region

This is the darker theme to the game, it comes to play when Morning's kingdom is attacked and she is forced to venture deep underground to learn the ways of magic. (trying not to give away the ending here lol)

So, as I said there are two very distinct themes, and I want to make sure they both get proper 'air-time'.

For instance, a person playing MW for the first time, would likely not understand the CD image, however, after getting thought a good amount of it, it will be very clear.

Perhaps it IS logo suicide, but I think it is neccisary.

This may change as time goes on but for now I don't see a problem with using Color and acentual style variations in the logo (the font is always the same).

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