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GTL Part 3.1 : The (very) Alpha codebase

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At the request of Rick Appleton I've uploaded the inital version of the code base for people to look at if they are intrested.


    Couple of notes;
  • the GTL its self requires Boost 1.33 to compile as the IOStreams library doesnt exist before then, I grabbed my copy from the CVS.

  • The example project requires a couple of my own libs to work, you'll probably be better off converting it to something you use if you want to test

  • The JPG filter is currently broken, I've been working on it this afternoon but its suffering from memory 'issues'. In short, dont try to use it [grin]

  • This is alpha code, more a proof of concept than anything else, as such you use it at your own risk, if it causes you to go insane and eat a cat or something.. well.. I warned you [wink]

Any comments/thoughts etc post them here or PM me [smile]

Work will continue later this week on the JPGFilter problem..
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