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A couple things I like about DirectX:

  1. Separation of world and view matrices.

  2. Explicit and easy-to-get information about the hardware.

  3. Extensive libraries

  4. Render target objects!!! (thank goodness)

  5. Cool effects system (that I'm still looking into)

  6. Consistent on different hardware

  7. Very clear and superfluous documentation

  8. Many other things...

Obviously, I'm coming from OpenGL. If you are an independant game developer and want to get something produced, I recommend using DX over OpenGL. The advantages are almost endless.

Understand that I used DX for a while about 2 years ago, and I hated it. The complicated function calls, amount of complex structures, etc. that it required was just too much and too complicated. I switched over to OpenGL and said, "Thank God, who the heck would use DX?" I was an inexperienced newbie. All I wanted was to render stuff. Then I eventually got involved in more complex stuff such as render targets, vertex buffers, material systems, etc. everything that OpenGL does rather poorly. I found my code sloppy and inconsistent. Now that I've switched back to DX, I love its extensive library and ease of use (comparatively for advanced things). I feel like I can get something done that is quite advanced now.

At least that was my experience. I can understand OpenGL's use for some applications but the amount of time you spend researching other libraries, or even writing your own, to fulfill the other needs of the application the OpenGL totally neglects, it's too much. I want to spend more time on actually programming the algorithms.

So anyway, agree with me or not. I dunno. I'm just happy now (with my programming), and I haven't been that way for while.
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I'm just happy now (with my programming), and I haven't been that way for while.

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Interesting. I just spent a semester doing a directx independent -- but just recently bought a mac for college, so I plan on using OpenGL from now on. I am not extremely experienced with either, but I must say, I much prefer DirectX's OO over OpenGLs C syntax. I actually plan on writing my rendering engine to be more like DX's OO calls which with utilize OpenGL.

While at times I hated DirectX, I must say that I found its VertexBuffers and IndexBuffers much easier to work with than OpenGLs whatcha-ma-callits (I can't even remember the name). I dunno -- I am hoping that through learning OpenGL well, I will be able to switch back to DirectX when (and if) that time comes because of my basic understanding of 3d rendering.

I certainly do know what you are saying with all these seperate libraries, though. Though, I like that since I am pretty much forced to use OpenGL and SDL, I am fairly cross platform...

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There are pros and cons to both, and I'm not placing one above the other. But I agree, I much prefer DX's syntax over OpenGL. I wouldn't have said that a year ago. But now I'm inclined to say that DX code is so much clearer because you see what's going on, instead of being state-based and then just calling a function without paramters for example.

You will learn a lot with OpenGL, and you'll enjoy switching back (if you ever do) to DX. Working with OpenGL enabled me to learn things a lot faster because of its simplicity, but when it comes to actually producing advanced effects, I'm afraid it's put together so sloppily that you really have to know how to handle it.

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