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Here it is!

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Invasion Demo

The first thing you'll notice is that I made a NSIS installer for the game. I downloaded the thing to make these, so I thought I might as well use it. Please take the time to read the readme file before playing, it isn't very long and it tells you how to play.

Please tell me how it works on your computer and if you like it.
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Pretty Cool, it works perfectly fine on my comp:

Athlon 4000+
GeForce 6800 GT

I liked the game alot, however I have a few little things that were a little odd.

-Instantaneous movement. It's fine when I'm moving, but when the comp moves, I can't tell what unit moved where. Also, Maybe a little firing/exploding animation so that you know who shot who.

-Inprecise movement- Sometimes I clicked on a mountain, but the unit moved to a location a little off from where I clicked.

All in all, great game, I can't wait to see the polished version.

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