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## I hate you

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I really have nothing of any interest to say. Microsoft is trying to Kill OpenGL, those fags.

My truck had a few wasps nests built on it. That was fun.

I didn't work on my game this weekend. I will try this week.

Pepsi > any other drink. Pepsi + Crown Royal == good.

I need a new job.

The slug that I use to make posts as my post icon is awesome.

A google image search of "Laz" brings up a naked chick for the first picture. I rule. Kind of ironic being that it's a picture with Santa in it and Santa's name is St Nicholas and my name is Nicholas and and I'm known on the internets as Laz and searching for Laz brings up a picture of St Nicholas with a hot naked chick. So, in the end, I must be a hot naked chick. Or Santa.
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