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Butterfly 0x0000012A

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  • Random Observation of the Day!!
    I like big breasts and I cannot lie
    You other guys can't deny
    When a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
    and some big boobs in your face you get

I'm feeling pretty sad today. I'm getting my own place soon, and my mum made me pretty much empty out my old room. And by empty I mean "throw away everything" essentially. I tend to packrat pretty much everything, so I ended up filling up 4-5 garbage bags with memories. Read through old letters, recalled old long-lost friends, almost made me cry.

Oh well, its all in the past. Its not the action of throwing away things that hurts, its reliving the memories that they invoke when I see them again [bawling]
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I think the official song is all about the "butts" and "round thing". That song made me LOL the first time I heard it. As it was the soundtrack to a movie I was watching with my family, it was somewhat embarassing...

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I have to do that soon :-/. I'm moving out in early December..

Now that I've got a job that pays 12 dollars an hour, I can actually afford it lol.

Eh, memories blow, become an amnesiac!

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Pouya: yes. no.

I still have one envelope filled envelope from someone tucked safely in a milk crate, I threw one of the letters away before I realized there was a shitload of them.

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