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So very tired...

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Well after 10 hours of dealing with garbage (literally), I didn't feel like coming home and doing much of anything. With much drama and gusto, I somehow managed to pull myself together and get started on a new character model. I'm starting with the feet this time, and trying to get a good look while maintaining my edge flows. I got the foot and big toe chiseled out; still need to hack out the little toes.

Side note: why doesn't HTML work in journal entries? [sad]

Now, I've managed to create a number of anatomically reasonable male characters in the past, but never a successful female model. So I'm working carefully and hopefully this character will change all that.

Programming wise, I finished my BDF font loader yesterday. When I feel like it, I'll be writing the image resource -> opengl texture converter. Then I'll do a quick rendering test to make sure I'm loading the font glyph data correctly. Then you'll get a screenshot (albiet a rather lame one, but hey; its better than nothing right?).

Oh and I have a growing suspicion that Microsoft is going to kill C with CLI on Longhorn (this actually follows alongside discussions of OpenGL's impending demise). I really don't want C to die, but I actually wouldn't mind moving over to Python CLI as my past experiences with it have been pleasurable. Can anyone confirm my suspicions? It would be unfortunate if my current project (in C) were finished just in time to not run under Longhorn.
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