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Life is Life :D

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Ok, can't do embeded video here. So I'll drop a pic in. CLICK the image to see the model rotated. (WMV, 900kb)

Anyways. Spent the last week and weekend sick. Spent the weekend before having fun and goofing off. Back to work on the project now. :) To that extent I'm going to finish messing around w/ my framework and load up some of my data and drop in some physicis. Linked to keyboard/mouse, because I still haven't finished my code to handle joystick detection and enumeration in DirectInput.

I hope to show some progress tommoorow afternoon, at least the model and some very basic controls in place. (Plus a bouy object).

Once all that is up to my satisfaction, I'll work on setting up a shitty server/client network system in TCP. For now the server will be windows, but eventually will create a daemon for FreeBSD, which will act the base and testing server until things get to a point where I actually need more cpu power/space/bandwidth.

So ya, Moving around a 3d world tommorow. :P Less being sick. Thankfully things are actually undercontrol again at work and I won't be there keeping odd hours, at least for the next few weeks.
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Once you get used to the quirks, and learn how to properly collapse and join points/edges/polygons it's not that bad. Still haven' figured how to inject perfect shapes into a flat surface yet. Thus making things like rounded or square extrusion on a odd shaped surface is impossible to do w/o fudging it.


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