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Ahhh, the frustration of bein' a programmer

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Ya know those times when you just can't get something to work and you just don't know why? Yeah, this is one of those times.

I'm almost done with the framework for my application. Everything that happens on the kernel level is executed though "actions". What's cool is that I have a console (which has been rewritten) and anything that you enter into the console gets translated into an action by the kernel. This works but I'm trying to add all DirectX initializations as system actions. I've extended the CAction class to a CActionInitVideo class. This new class is set up with everything that it needs to initialize the video. However, I send the action request to the kernel and... poop. I'm back out to windows with an error telling me that I've failed miserably.

Now, do I NEED this feature? Of course not. I can just have the kernel initialize the video directly (and all other DirectX objects) but that's just not cool. I want all commands to the kernel to happen via the console... and directed to the action processor. Then, I want a config file (text) that contains all of my action commands to the console which the system can execute during initialization. Any parameters can then be in the config file. If I do this, I'll have the killer framework that I had envisioned.

I'm using adaptor classes to interface with all of these objects. Perhaps I screwed the couch when I was writing the adaptor class? The adaptors hold a static pointer to the object that they are interfacing so all instantiations are acting on the same object. Therefore, there shouldn't be a prob.

Anyway, it's 3:30am and I have work in the morning. I'm off to bed with my tail between my legs. =/
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