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Got some ideas for my RTS

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Well, I'm sure anyone that reads this by now knows that my current off-school project is an RTS. I have an idea for the this one as well as a story. My previous attempt was really unplanned and in the long run this helped to relagate that project to the 'broken hard-drive in the sky.'

My friend, who is an excellent short story writer has provided the story for the game. The game takes place in a story of a series of short stories called 'Dark Planet'. This is a really awesome series. The stories are set some time in the future where they follow the role of several main characters.

The game will take place on a planet called 'Kartran' and you play one of two factions of 'Neurvamp'(The Keil'rak and the Eternal Doctrine) vieing for control of the planet. Neurvamp are incredibly strong(bullets and missiles have little or no effect on them) and very intelligent.

These two factions of Neurvamp are basically evil and desperately want control of the planet. The planet is, however, already occupied by 'Sylves.' The Sylves are weak compared to the Neurvamp.(who would basically rip right through them.) Humans do exist in the Dark Planet universe but are very seldom heard of as they are very weak compared to other races.

The planet is valuable due it's oceans of oil(which are used in an unspecified(probably unconventional) way for weapons and propulsion) and expanse of deserts in which valuable minerals can be found under the surface.

The AI will be similar to something on a previous thread on the forums where each player will have a 'pheromone map' drawing units of high defensive ratings to 'defend-pheromone areas' and units of high offensive ratings to 'offend-pheromone areas.'

Basically, both sides will have the same units as well as one special unit that only that faction can get. Each side will also have two unique heroes each.

Yeah, so this is my basic idea for the story. I haven't officially begun work on this yet but when I do, I will make sure the design document is the first on the to-do list.

Also: Kitty

PS: This cat is fat and huge. That's an A4 book he's lying on.
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