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No end to the insanity

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Well, the one week mark passed on dodecahellspawn, so I took a look at the mouse controls again. I ended up ripping it out and replacing pretty much all the code. It seems to be working now, you can grab a face with the right click and push/pull for rotations. Unfortunately the way I manipulated things doesn't seem to leave much room for the full mouse gesture system I wanted.

During the course of doing this, I think I found two new forum bugs: I can't seem to delete GDS screenshots, and some weird error message that shows up if I try to browse the forums while a really big upload is going on. (Yay new bugs!)

Next up for dodecahellspawn is probably a major refactoring phase where I merge and tweak and pull and prod the code. In particular, while getting the mouse interface working, some things that probably should be separate started to bleed together. Once things get cleaned up, then the next step is probably the config file. (Finally.)

Or I might try to figure out how to get a SDL program to run as a real Windows screensaver instead of the faked mode I have going.
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