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Shameless plug in 5...4...3...2...1

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In case you haven't played the Invasion demo yet:


So anyway, I took into account the comments Sir Sapo left me yesterday in order to improve the gameplay. So here were the two problems and how I fixed them.

1. There is an offset from where I click to where the unit actually moves.

The reason this happened is because when I was writing the clicking code, I made the unit's coordinates equal the mouse's coordinates. This means that where you clicked will become the top left corner of the unit, rather then the middle. I fixed this by applying an offset from the top left.

2. All the AI units move at the same time.

This was just me being lazy and just wanting to move all the units with a simple function. I hacked the AI code today so that you can see each individual unit move.

Sadly, none of these changes have been uploaded to the webspace, and I don't intend to upload a new demo for awhile.

Anyway, that is about it. Play the demo, have fun, be happy, and drink Dr.Pepper the real man's soda.
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