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Learning, Learning and wait for it....Even more Le

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Yeah so im trying to tackle learning c and c++ on my own by book. Im going to school for computer science. But my actually codeing classes wont begin untile late next year so yeah.

Ive been working on a few programs here and there in pascal for a few years back in high school. Now im really starting to take it seriously.

Just wraping this around your head with out some visual aids some times can be a pain. Kudos to Stompy9999 for his assistance on the board here with understanding the implemenation of header files. Ive been trying to get that for a few days now.
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Welcome to journal land buddy! We're here for ya, as I'm sure you will be there if I run into something I dont understand.

Yeah, that college thing bites. They start teaching C++ here at Kansas State University around the Junior / Senior semesters. Bleh, sucks.

Oh well! Makes us even more hardcore! :)

RATE+ for you buddy!

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Welcome to journal land++.

Pascal eh? I suppose it's a good first language, compared to C or C++ it's much harder to shoot yourself in the foot with it.

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