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Will F


I decided to try out a new linux distro the other day (Ubuntu), and have been happy so far. It seems more like a "desktop" linux rather than a "server". Had a bit of a hiccup installing with the video card getting configured incorrectly, but it was easy enough to fix (and didn't really matter as the first thing I did was install the official nvidia drivers rather than the open source ones).

Anyways, as I was going through reinstalling my files I realized that I have a ton of code all over the place, and have now started to organize it all to create an application framework. Right now i've got the following working: opening a window / OpenGL context, handling input (keyboard and mouse), loading textures, and a md2 loader (really need to write some code to load other model formats, but haven't gotten around to it yet).

I've also been playing God of War on the playstation 2. I have only one word for it: awesome!
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