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School && Shout outs && Allegro

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Books, Books, and more Books!
So I found out today that my books for this semester is only going to cost me about $300(5 classes)! Thank GOD! LOL.. Last semester, I was warmly welcomed to K-State with a frickin $550 book tab(4 classes). :| They sure do know how to get you coming.

>raises a can of dr. pepper< Here's to another semester...

Wow... Well this was a horrific experience to say the least. I had some people running in circles trying to help me figure this horrific task out of trying to compile the allegro source with MSVC8.

Yesterday, I had it working pretty well until I ran into a problem doing collision detection. Some things that I was trying to do was written for the newest version of Allegro, so I decided to completely erase Allegro and re-install with the newest Allegro version (beta source).

I stayed up until 3ish last night working on it with somebody, and then today I worked on it for a good solid 6 hours trying to get it to run. Which, basically I learned the hard way....

If you dont set something up exactly right, the errors are stupidified(just like with everything else ;) )! I ended up figuring it out after everybody else called it quits. Not even the docs that I read through covered it good enough to solve the issues that I ran across. But hey, Its a learning experience and now Im installing it on my laptop pretty flawless (Having a few minor issues still, but atleast I know exactly what needs to be done to fix it).

Shout Outs to the Development Scene
I think most of us dream of actually producing something that is IGF quality. I browse the forums and the journals almost daily and I truely see that some people have the heart and ambition to put out what it takes and reach for the stars.

Radioactive-Software, ran by a single, solid, ambitious individual is working his ass off to take his game, Gang War, to a solid 'BETA' status from which he will submit that sucker over to attempt to get into the second round at the IGF! His clock is ticking and the 2 week timer has already began. I do not doubt that he wont succeed at making this deadline considering how much effort he has put into the development already.

I'll be watching you, goodluck man.

return 0;
Good.. To.. Go!!

I'm really excited about getting this library set up and working! I was having a blast yesterday tinkering around with tutorials, learning some things(loading bitmaps, animating them, collision detection), and now that I am up and running -- before long I hope to start spiting words about a project! With all of this inspiration around, its about time for me to do something! ;)

Take Care everybody!
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Yeah tell me about it. I just found out that my books will be 300 for two classes. And oneof the sets of books i have to buy has been outdated since i bought the orginal book back in spring. I mean come on seriously.

Well good luck to you and good luck to that guy.

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