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More brick bouncing

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Slowly moving forwards is better than sitting idle :)

I've been throwing bits & pieces of code together, but not at the rate I want to really progress. At any rate, I've got the basics of a level editor in place, it exports 'em and now the game will start up and load up the demo level. Granted, there are no bonuses, power ups, sound, or special effects, but the ball bounces around the level, responds to hitting bricks and the paddle. Good start...now it's time to add all the fluff. I think the next item on my list is to encapsulate OpenAL into a nice little library for me to use. After that I'll add some support in the editor to assign sounds to bricks as well as the game support to play them.

My graphics skills are still at an all-time low but I think I've found a friend who is capable of hooking me up with some textures. I'm holding out on screenies until I get something worthy of posting. That'll probably be after I put in some basic particle support and actually get the score and power-ups on the screen as well.

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