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Why automation is so horribly lovely...

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So we got a bug report about a previous game in which, as per the unwritten rules of bug reports, it didn't really explain much. Firstly they were missing which devices it occured on, not so bad if you are only working with one port, bit more of a pain when it ramps up quite steeply from there! Secondly they couldn't give us any information about how to reproduce the bug! At this stage I was still pretty happy because it is a bug we have previously found and fixed in the newer games that use similar tech.

So, onto applying the fix! It's a simple couple of lines of code to copy and paste into each device build (approx 10 ports) which was fine and then five seperate language ports are made for each device port (approx 50 different SKUs in total). Now in our current setup using the excellent Ant and Antenna this would be no problem at all as you can build all these seperate instances in one go by clicking the right target in Eclipse. The Ant makefile then grooves its way through like a short-order chef making a meal. Mixing and matching various bits to get the right result for each build. Aka a piece of cake. Alas this particular game predates our creation of this system and each build has to be made by hand. Result is a slightly cooked brain from doing something simple that requires careful concentration and a load of new builds ready to be sent off to the publisher.

Pics of FIM Motocross

Still it'll make the next four days I have off seem all the nicer. Quite looking forward to the Dev Conference as it features a couple of interesting sessions about Mobile Games as well as the rounded topics of discussion. I'll give a more complete review of it when I return from the event (hopefully with a few pictures). Suffice it to say the free bar at the aftershow was the highlight of last year but this year is all about the networking (darlink).
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Good stuff!...enjoy the conferance and see if you can grab any 'goodie bags' for the crew in ra office ;)

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