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## ...and on the 8th day, God created Laz...

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So I stole Pouya's brand new shiny journal title, modified it a bit, and made it my post entry title. I'm so cool.

Mushu wants to kill me. I'm at the top of his hit list. I'm so cool.

Kai thinks I'm a monkey boy and wants me to die too. I'm so cool.

You should all go and check out Drivey. Cool things to do: Press N to change the FoV and make it look liek you're going super fast while holding down the W key or the UP arrow. Press C to turn on traffic. Press 3 to go to a Cityscape. Press K to cycle colors. Try driving in reverse. And if his download link doesn't work, I have the executable on my server. It's so cool.

Toxic Hippo is a sock.
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