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Take another little pies of my heart

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Finally got some work started on Puzzle Pies (aka The Coolest Name For A Game Ever). I've got enough to get a working game, but I'll need to retool the existing level editor to add a couple of changes from the original Kidstation Feuerwehr (original title: Ballistic Bunny Battles, then Ballistic Balloon Battles) game. One thing I want is to have the spinning walls to be synchronized with item-throwing, so you can time your shots and have the item reliably follow a path given its release when a spinning blocker is at a certain position.

I'll also need to update the level format to allow spinning blockers to not only have a direction but also angle. They currently just have an direction, and I set the original angle randomly.

The goal is to have a half-dozen spinning blockers all over the screen, rotating in all different directions and at different angles. And if you throw an item at just the right moment, it'll bounce perfectly off all blockers as they spin, making it to their destination. It'll take a bit of time to get working, but it should be beautiful when it gets working.

Oh, and just to make my pal Rick Happy, here's a link to Intelligent Design.
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I, for the life of me, could not get past the stage with only one of the spinners. Seriously. I kept ballooning myself [sad]

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That's because you didn't discover that you can move the bouncers while balloons are in motion.

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