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Okay, this is getting a wee bit ridiculous... though I think I might have an idea why it could be possibly doing this - this thread is just too fucking huge.

The forum code seems to b0rk a lot around massive threads (Single Word Game, etc) where it 'shifts' the posts around. Well, in a journal (which is like a thread in a nested view) this 'shifting' of posts puts them out of order, thus fucking the whole thing up.

Oh, and on the topic of big threads, ACK! There's a Butterfly on my Nose reached #2 on the "Hottest Threads of All Time" page. Only 1200 more comments until we reach #1!!! [grin]
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Sorry to burst your bubble, kid, but the 410 entries I imported to my journal didn't get added to my item-count. And I had to discard about a thousand comments on those entries.

And those 410 entries actually had content. They weren't just endless boring "look at how big my thread is" stuff to try to get on the top of some list.

Quantity does not equal quality.

Face it, you're pwned.

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you're = you are = pronoun plus second person singular verb.

Le wtf aer teh yoiu referring 222, meh gud sirrah!? I HOEP U DUNT TIHNK I CUD MAEK TEH YOURT/YOU"reER MSITAKE!!`1

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okay, fine. I might attempt (AGAIN) to add content or something. Its just so hard to come by in my life...

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By the way, the "large threads have fucked-up ordering" bug should be fixed by now. If you see it, let Michael Tanczos know.

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