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Let the games begin

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School starts soon, and im a bit buggled. I was planing on buying the TI-89 platinum. The strongest graphing calc. Do any of you guys have any advise. It sounds like it will hold up against all the math classes that I have to take. Including being usefull for my job and software work later after school. What do you guys think??

Now as for today, Ive got some programing projects to work on. One for working others for training. Good luck guys on all your eforts.
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I have no idea what year/part/semester etc of school you are in but keep in mind that some math classes (particularly those below Calculus II) do not allow you to use the TI-89+ on exams due to its symbolic functionality. Be sure to check this out in advance.


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My 89 Titanium plays civ89 adequately, but I haven't used it for much else.

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Fancy calculators tend to get stolen. Well they do in Highschool where most students have fewer IQ points then a dead deer. Perhaps in Uni/College crime is lower.

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I debated this for awhile, but not too long later I just threw down the cash to get the TI-89 and I do -NOT- regret it. It is SO much more convenient for working with calculus level math (and much higher) because the user interface is set up so well. The functions are right there on your screen and the history makes it convenient to go back up and grab a prior worked problem.

I have not had any issues with teachers not allowing this calculator in exams. Besides, they know if your stupid enough to cheat, your stupid enough to get caught.... And if your caught... Well, I dont know about your school, but this one has ZERO tolerance. Poor souls.

Overall, I highly recommend this calculator, etch your name in it and DO NOT let it ly around where people (other than you) have access to it, because it -WILL- get stolen. (I've seen it happen)

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I missed your first post 'cause I've been absent for a few days, but...

Welcome to Journal Land, and I'm suprised I didn't get to you first. Rate++ all the way, man. Maybe if you're chill enough, you'll get to roll with my crew. Ha ha haaa... just kidding... but no, really.

If you want your journal to be popular, here are the three keys...

Post lots of pictars. Nobody wants to read your stuff w1th0ut teh p1kt4rZ!

Post alot about whatever project you're involved with. Try to give people insight as to the details of what you are doing while using as little code as possible. Remember, this is a journal, not a tutorial.

It's alright to get personal, and even be liberal about talking about the many details of your life. I know I do. But remember, nobody wants to sit back and load 20 pictures of you and your sister's boyfriend with dreadlocks pretending to eat a cat and trying to pass the dude off as yourself (little nudge, you know who you are... kidding, you're my main man) in dire hopes that you'll write a few sentances about your game project. Especially if you're new to the crew, cause (to be blunt) no one realy cares enough about you yet ;D.

Anyhow, a sincere welcome, and have a great time!


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