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I Heart Reading

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I have finally began to actually read my latest purchase: "3D Game Engine Architecture" and let me say this, if you are interested in developing your own 3D engine, then this book is a must have. I am only about 100 pages into it and already have a brain full of ideas to improve upon my already existing "engine" (err.. DX wrapper of sorts).

My current "engine" is built upon a design that a buddy of mine and I came up with by browsing through the Enginuity series and some other articles around GD.Net. It is DX API, Window OS specific although I am in the works of revamping it for portability thanks to my new handy-dandy book! (Okay, I'll shut up about the book now!). It is in an infant stage in that the low-level portions are still being built although fun features like lighting, text, input, and the camera are currently implemented. I also have this sweet cube that spins in circles!

My goal for this engine is to create a point-click 3D adventure based on Ned, my beloved MS Paint drawing. He's pretty sweet to look at so I'll put up some pictures of him later this evening.

I'd also like to create a top down similuation with pirates stranded on an island. Hopefully I can create a robust enough engine to make both of these games a reality.

That's all for now!
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Welcome to Journal Land indeed, and I'm suprised I didn't get to you first. Rate++ all the way, man. Maybe if you're chill enough, you'll get to roll with my crew. Ha ha haaa... just kidding... but no, really.

If you want your journal to be popular, here are the three keys...

Post lots of pictars. Nobody wants to read your stuff w1th0ut teh p1kt4rZ!

Post alot about whatever project you're involved with. Try to give people insight as to the details of what you are doing while using as little code as possible. Remember, this is a journal, not a tutorial.

It's alright to get personal, and even be liberal about talking about the many details of your life. I know I do. But remember, nobody wants to sit back and load 20 pictures of you and your sister's boyfriend with dreadlocks pretending to eat a cat and trying to pass the dude off as yourself (little nudge, you know who you are... kidding, you're my main man) in dire hopes that you'll write a few sentances about your game project. Especially if you're new to the crew, cause (to be blunt) no one realy cares enough about you yet ;D.

Anyhow, a sincere welcome, and have a great time!


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Man, I only posted this a little over an hour ago and already have two replies! Really makes this journal even more worth while.

Thanks for the kind words. I plan to update this as real life permits.

The only project I am involved in aside from my current engine is 0 A.D.. I've been on the team for about 3 years and love it. If you guys haven't heard of it, check out the site at www.wildfiregames.com/0ad. We would love to have your support!

Thanks for looking!

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