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Pixel....... & ........ RAIN

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Meet Pixel and RAIN!
I'm having a blast today, just tinkering with Allegro... I tell you what, getting away from the console and messing with graphics (even if im not an artist) is a LOT more entertaining. Not to say I didnt have some fun minipulating text.... But, you know.

Meet Pixel & RAIN:

YAY to quick programmer art! But hey, creative eh? LOL. ;P

These are my two pawns to deliberately abuse during my training. They're going to go through hell and back, but hey... Somebody has got to help me through this.

I'm really learing away from making a clone for my first project mainly because I know I will learn a lot more if I sit down and attempt to do something out of the ordinary. So only god knows what the heck this mind is going to brew up.

Right now I'm pretty solid on the decision that Pixel and Rain will be my characters, that will definitely undergo a make over through-out time and be placed inside whatever genre of game I decide to go through with.

Well, I'll post more later tonight if I get anywhere thats worth commenting about. :)

Take Care all!

return 0;
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ROFL!... One of those.. "Just incase I cant find my pistol" episodes! =X (plus.. doesnt fire anything yet.. So... Gotta "Overcome and Adapt"...)

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Dude, wanna know the best ways of learning new gaming techniques? Look at source code. Here's what I suggest: Go to Allegro.cc and look at the game projects (I believe they call it the depot section), and find the ones that looks like generic arcade games, like Space Invaderz or Brickout, but find the open-source ones (it tells you if the code is available in the listing). Then just print it all out, staple it together, and read it when you're sitting at breakfast or watching TV or whatever. I tell you, after I made pong from an allegro tutorial I went to find the Space Invaderz Allegro source code... man, that's the one thing I learned my programming habits most from, just reading and trying to duplicate that code.

Just do that, find the source code, and copy it from paper. At the end you will have basically done Ctrl+C the hard way, but it will teach you SO MUCH.

Happy trails.


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