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Ned The Naive

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Well, here he is:

This is Ned, Ned the Naive. He's a character I came up with about 6 months ago while playing around in MS Paint. I did the glow effect in PS about 5 minutes ago for fun.

He has a whole profile which I will post in the coming days to give you guys an idea of exactly what type of guy Ned is. I might even throw up some info on his family and environment. He will be used as the main character in my future point-and-click adventure this engine is being built for.

There are no pictures other than this one as I could never come up with a body that I was happy with. I have began to *attempt* to model his head in Maya, but I'm a programmer so it's going to be slow progress there.

Anyway, hope you guys like him!
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Geez, thats really good! By point and click, do you mean similiar to the Monkey Island series? Good luck with your engine!

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Yes, the style will follow very closely to the Monkey Island games. That series is my all-time favorite along with Grim Fandango.

Thanks a lot for the kind compliments. They definitely help!

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If that is the case, then I will definately be watching for your engine and game. Monkey Island was one of my favorite games (I think its because of the humor.)

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