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ND Engine

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I figured I might as well post a pic of the engine before I tear it all apart for the revamping.

It really is much faster than 85 fps! I currently have V-Sync enabled to prevent tearing.

So as you can see, it's not too terribly complex. There was actually a newer version with lighting but it got lost when my laptop hd crashed.

It has a pretty cool setup to where you request handles to objects from the engine itself. Such as if you wanted to write some text, you would do the following:

// When initializing...
HTEXT *pText = new HTEXT();

pEngine->getHText( 15, "Comic Sans MS", pText );
pText->setColor( 255, 255, 0 );

// When rendering...
pText->setPos( 10, 10 );
pText->drawText( "ND Engine Demo" );

// The game accessible render function is going to be removed
// in the up coming version so the engine will
// care for the order of drawing.

It really added a nice layer of seperation from the engine to the game. There could be many public functions in the actual CText class that the engine could access, but the game itself could only access those members exposed by the handle.

This ideally was going to follow suit with models, lighting (which it did) and all other objects in the engine.

I may still take this route during the revamp, we'll just have to see.

Thanks again for looking!
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Wow, that looks pretty neat and tidy. I ask for a font in my engine like so:

dftlib::Font* pFont = new dftlib::Font("FontBmp.bmp");

And it returns:
From my mean ass engine
You want a font huh? WHY DON'T YOU GO GET YOUR OWN F***ING FONT!!!

It makes me cry [sad]

But seriously, keep up the good work!

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Glad I have someone checking in on my Journal like you. It's nice to see someone post with a sense of humor and helpful comments.

Thanks again for the support!

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Well. Not a lot of advice I can give, but it looks real clean. Looking good! :)

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