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Learning Curve

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So I finshed up a few of my test functions for my program today during lunch at work. What my program (which im using to learn and make my job life easyer at the same time) does is that it caculates neon footages, waste, sheets sizes, transfomer needs and other sign applications. Which my estimating job at duh a sign company requires. I showed my boss before he took off and he seemed rather impressed. Ofcourse he said he would want to test it alot before the guys would use. I said thats fine because i would need beta testers.

So yeah in my 4 years of minor programing this is my first major, and good looking program. So far its working out right and thanks to you guys im learning c fairly well. Im going to work on tonight. Hopefully start wrapping up the functions creation in a week or two then start on the menu body. (ofcourse this is all still in console) Anyways i'll post part of the program in a few days. For those of you curious to see it.

On the split side, I think my job is helping out with my career as estimating is heavily math dependent. It also gives a great number of chances to come up with new functions and algithroms. I cant wait to get solidly back into math and science.

Im still debateing if I should choose gameing as my hoobie or carrer. I mean dont get me wrong. I love absoultly love to program and I Love to game program. Its just i was thinking about programing for the military. Ive wanted to serve but ofcourse im not a fighter so I wanted to wait untile i had a degree. Then i was thinking about perhaphs programing for the miltary in a few years once i have a degree. What do you guys think?
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I have the same problem. I really like to program, and I wouldn't mind doing it for a living. On the other hand, I absolutely love flying, and I'd really like doing that for a living too. I've decided to go for flying, because it's my favorite thing to do, and I can program on the side. As for you, go with the one that you most enjoy doing, or if you enjoy both equally, go with the one that will allow you to do the other in your spare time.

Good Luck!

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Yeah, but I mean do miltary have programers. I couldnt see how the wouldnt have them with all the stuff there trying to do these days.

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Yeah, I think there's a lot of programmers in the military, although they might just contract civilian companies to write a lot of stuff. I know at the Air Force Academy, all the cadets must learn a programming language in order to graduate now, so that might count for something.

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Computers are a huge field in the military now, if not programming. Think about it, someone has to run all of these systems, and they're not going to give Joe Civvie the access he needs to run these systems, they'd much rather choose one of their own.

That said, programming sometimes is licensed out to contractors, I know the company I work for has been contracted in the past, and we're currently working for the government on a project now (in a way).

Anyways, good luck to you.

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