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wow! an update. blame visage for this. i'm working on a pacman clone at the moment. a longtime buddy of mine challenged me to complete a c#/gdi+ pacman game by the end of august. i haven't made pacman yet, so i took him up on it. i've decided to post "what i've got" in here for no reason in particular.

in other news, i've received my programming c# book by jesse liberty. i started reading up on it a bit, but i won't bother with it until i'm ready to tackle the actual code for pacman. i have half an idea of how to use it, so for now i'll just hold off until i don't know how to do something in particular - and then look it up and learn it.

i read much of my winform prog in c# by chris sells, and it turns out to be more of a reference book to me than anything else -- and thats great. the one thing thats in there that i didn't get around to reading yet is the part on threading. i'm not sure how much threading will help me out, if its anything like interrupt programming, then it won't give me much help.

time to post my pacman journal entries.

[edit: oh, and i can get microsoft visual* through staples. for the price i listed in my purchase list. woot]
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